Can this line:

$message = str_replace( '[post_date]', $post->post_date, $message );

be modified so the date displayed for the [post_date] shortcode is formatted as Saturday, 12/03/16, 08:43 ?


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Instead of using $post->post_date, use get_the_time( $format, $post ).

The correct PHP date format string for your question is 'd/m/y H:i'.

... Assuming you want a two digit minute (even when less that 10 minutes). Also, I may have the month and day the wrong way around for you.

The format argument in get_the_time() is PHP's native date format - http://php.net/manual/en/function.date.php

Then, change your line of code to:

$message = str_replace( '[post_date]', get_the_time( 'd/m/y H:i', $post ), $message );

Though, I think it'll be easier and neater to just add the get_the_time( 'd/m/y H:i', $post ) to your template, rather than having to put a shortcode into each post.


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