Okay, weirdest thing and I can't work it out.

I installed (and purchased) the plugin Seed Pro Coming Soon and built my site. Looks great!

However as soon as I disable this plugin and view my site I get a bunch of errors such as:

ReferenceError: jQuery is not defined

And nothing jQuery related on my internal pages work. Everything on my homepage works perfectly, but any pages inside don't.

Huh? Does anyone have any clues? I need to launch this site and not even the dropdown menu will work!


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Managed to fix it by adding this to the header.php file:

 <script src="https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/2.2.4/jquery.min.js"></script>
  • 2
    Don't add it directly in to the head instead enqueue jQuery that is bundled with WP using wp_enqueue_scripts.
    – bravokeyl
    Dec 3, 2016 at 5:29
  • How do I do that?
    – IVCatalina
    Dec 3, 2016 at 18:09
  • And what is bad about the way i'm doing it? It seems to work?
    – IVCatalina
    Dec 3, 2016 at 19:35

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