I am using wp_dropdown_categories to create a dropdown in the frontend. It creates a nice dropdown select. Now I would like to add onchange="myFunc()" to the <select>. I need this to trigger some js function when someone selects specific option.

I also took a look into another relevant codex link, could not figure it out. Is there a native wordpress way of doing this ? If not, can you suggest me a solution. I mean something like this.

<select id="my_cats" class="postform" name="my_cats" onchange="myFunc()">

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you can add any attribute to <select> using wordpress filter wp_dropdown_cats . wp_dropdown_cats filter allows you to modify the content of the taxonomy drop-down output. Try below code.

function addAttributeToDropdown($html_content){
  $html_content = str_replace('<select','<select onchange="myFunc()"',$html_content);
  return $html_content; 


add this inside your functions.php file


Use JQuery change method

$('#my_cats').on('change', function() {

function myFunc() {
     // your function code

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