I am logging to debug file


but any user can download the file, if they put the url on their browser. How could I prevent access to this file using Nginx?

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I've frequently seen this used in Apache 2.2:

<Files "debug.log">
    Order allow,deny
    Deny from all

but that's deprecated in Apache 2.4:

The Allow, Deny, and Order directives, provided by mod_access_compat, are deprecated and will go away in a future version. You should avoid using them, and avoid outdated tutorials recommending their use.

I just tested with the Require directive in Apache 2.4:

Require all denied Access is denied unconditionally.


<Files "debug.log">
   Require all denied

and it seems to block it with 403 forbidden.

Note that it will block access from example.tld/debug.log, example.tld/wp-content/debug.log etc.


I just noticed that you mentioned NginX, so I tested various location patterns and this seems to work:

location ~* /debug\.log$
    deny  all;

where the ~* modifier is for case insensitive regular expression matching.

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