I have built a plug in and it appears to hook in ok. It runs at least. However it loads very slowly. I have attached my console log results. It appears as though the base url is not correctly built in some cases. www.mydomain.com/wordpress/plugin is combining with /wp-includes/js/jquery/. These entries should be www.mydomain.com/wordpress/wp-includes/js/jquery/. I am also seeing that this is inconsistent, sometimes it is built just fine. So I am trying to track down the file where this is happening but I am a little lost. Any tips would help.

GET https://www.example.com/wordpress/plugin/wp-includes/js/jquery/jquery.js?ver=1.12.4 (index):54
GET https://www.example.com/wordpress/plugin/wp-includes/js/jquery/jquery-migrate.min.js?ver=1.4.1 404 (Not Found)  (index):55
GET https://www.example.com/wordpress/plugin/wp-includes/js/jquery/ui/core.min.js?ver=1.11.4    (index):603 
GET https://www.example.com/wordpress/plugin/wp-includes/js/jquery/ui/datepicker.min.js?ver=1.11.4 404 (Not Found)  (index):604
GET https://www.example.com/wordpress/plugin/wp-includes/js/jquery/ui/widget.min.js?ver=1.11.4  (index):606
GET https://www.example.com/wordpress/plugin/wp-includes/js/jquery/ui/slider.min.js?ver=1.11.4  (index):608
GET https://www.example.com/wordpress/plugin/wp-includes/js/jquery/ui/mouse.min.js?ver=1.11.4   (index):607
GET https://www.example.com/wordpress/plugin/wp-includes/js/jquery/ui/button.min.js?ver=1.11.4  (index):609
GET https://www.example.com/wordpress/plugin/wp-includes/js/wp-embed.min.js?ver=4.5.3   (index):616
GET https://www.example.com/wordpress/pluginjs/wp-emoji-release.min.js?ver=4.5.3    (index):28
GET https://www.example.com/wordpress/plugin/wp-includes/js/jquery/ui/slider.min.js?ver=1.11.4  (index):608 
GET https://www.example.com/wordpress/plugin/wp-includes/js/jquery/ui/button.min.js?ver=1.11.4 404 (Not Found)  (index):609
GET https://www.example.com/wordpress/plugin/wp-includes/js/wp-embed.min.js?ver=4.5.3 404 (Not Found)   (index):616
Uncaught TypeError: jQuery(...).tinyNav is not a function(…)    TinyNav.js?ver=4.5.3:91
Google sync successful  frontend_book.js:513

Most of the problem was resolved by pasting the following into my functions.php

     function my_init()   
    if (!is_admin())   

        // Load the copy of jQuery that comes with WordPress  
        // The last parameter set to TRUE states that it should be loaded  
        // in the footer.  
        wp_register_script('jquery', '/wp-includes/js/jquery/jquery.js', FALSE, '1.11.4', TRUE);  

add_action('init', 'my_init'); 
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How do you enqueue/register these files ? Do you try to enqueue them like your file or treat them as dépendances ?

To use any file from the WordPress core registered-scripts library, you only need to register them and set dependancies your plugin require with wp_register_script (trigger with wp_enqueue_scripts action).

You will find the list of all core-registered scripts here

Scripts that have been pre-registered using wp_register_script() do not need to be manually enqueued using wp_enqueue_script() if they are listed as a dependency of another script that is enqueued. WordPress will automatically include the registered script before it includes the enqueued script that lists the registered script’s handle as a dependency.

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