I want to add a YouTube video to a widget via wp-cli. The YouTube video is basically an iframe. When I execute the following command:

wp-cli widget update text-1 --text='<iframe src="http://example.com"></iframe>'

the text of the widget is empty. It seems either wp-cli or wordpress is stripping away the iframe tags. Via the wordpress backend it is possible to add arbitrary html to a text widget. But via wp-cli it does not work.

Is there some command line option or workaround? Going directly via the DB with MySQL would be the last option.

Thx in advance!

  • maybe a dumb question but is the name of the widget "text-1"? If it is, can you try updating the title like in this command? wp widget update test-1 --title="Our Calendar" maybe the field you want to update is not called "text"? – Robbiegod Jun 29 '17 at 19:46

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