I have a site hosted locally that has a plugin called NextGen Gallery, I have over 4,000 images within galleries in this plugin, so I definitely need it.

When the plugin is active, it will not let me use the_except(); in my index.php file.

I know its the plugin because I went through each plugin manually and made sure it was that plugin that was affecting it.

I really need to get this sorted ASAP, so if anyone has a clue on what's in the plugin that could be breaking the excerpt function, please help.


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I do not know how the plugin prevents you from using the_excerpt().

I guess the reason why the plugin does not want you to use the_excerpt() is as follows: the_excerpt creates an excerpt from an article by cutting it after the first 50 words. This might cut in the middle of a <script>...<script> fragment, which NextGEN had inserted in order to display a gallery as slideshow.

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