I've recently switched to Linux Fedora, and I moved all my xampp files to my new installation, as well as importing the databases.

Now I'm facing an odd problem, a couple of weeks ago I've created a new page on Windows and called it Resources, and created the page-resources.php file for it, it was working well.

I'm trying to access the url localhost/site/resources which was the permalink for the page I created, however, it's redirecting me to localhost/site/ which is the home page, I tried changing the permalink settings, turning off all plugins, resetting my .htaccess file, even changing my site url, but no chance, and I don't know what to do.

Note: if I change the page permalink and the page slug from files, it actually works !, like if I added a letter to the name to be localhost/site/resourcess as well as changing the php page slug file, it's loading the page.

UPDATE: Fixed by clearing browser's cache data and cookies :3 :D

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    Thanks for the update, Mohammed. Can you please post your solution as an answer, then stop by in a couple of days and accept it? This will clear your question out of the unanswered queue. Nov 16, 2016 at 20:00

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UPDATE: I fixed it by clearing my browser's cache, it was caching files so it used the old copy.

BONUS: You can load a web page without loading your caches by using Ctrl + F5


Change your permalinks settings to something different, and save it. Then go back to the original settings, and save it. That should clean up your htaccess file.

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