I am creating custom code to add schema.org markups to a page template. I wanted to echo the tags and categories as plain text to use them in the keywords and about markup fields.

I can display the tags with a code like this:

echo '<meta itemprop="keywords" content="'; echo the_tags(); echo'"/>';

but since the output is an array of link, the Google online markup test tool does not recognize the words. Also, the words have a prefix: Tags:.

My question is: is there a way to output the tags and categories of a post as plain text so I can use it inside the Schema markups that I am creating? thanks

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Yes, there's many ways to do it,

You must add parameters to the function to override default value, first parameter must be empty

the_tags( '' );

echo '<meta itemprop="keywords" content="'. the_tags( '') .''"/>';

There is also wp_get_post_terms() function if you want more control,

Create a function in functions.php

function wpse_get_tags(){
   global $post;
   $term_list = wp_get_post_terms($post->ID, 'post_tag', array("fields" => "all"));
       foreach($term_list as $term_single) {
           $tags .= $term_single->name .', '; // do the job to remove last comma
     return $tags;

In your code

echo '<meta itemprop="keywords" content="''.wpse_get_tags().''"/>';

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