I would like to be able to remove stuff from the HTML of the page eg. replacing all comments in the body tag or remove som unnecessary code.

Is there a way to create a filter like that getting all the content of the page? not only the post content, all content with footer, main, sidebar, header and so on.

  • Clear your question. Give specific items name or example which you want removed and show what you've tried till now. – CodeMascot Nov 16 '16 at 6:52

WordPress doesn't have a "final output" filter.

Just google search I found a interesting answer from Stack Overflow.

All credits go to @kfriend

More Details (SO question link) : Wordpress filter to modify final html output


 * Output Buffering
 * Buffers the entire WP process, capturing the final output for manipulation.


add_action('shutdown', function() {
    $final = '';

    // We'll need to get the number of ob levels we're in, so that we can iterate over each, collecting
    // that buffer's output into the final output.
    $levels = ob_get_level();

    for ($i = 0; $i < $levels; $i++)
        $final .= ob_get_clean();

    // Apply any filters to the final output
    echo apply_filters('final_output', $final);
}, 0);

An example of hooking into the final_output filter:

add_filter('final_output', function($output) {
    return str_replace('foo', 'bar', $output);
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  • This works beautifully as a plugin :) – Jarmerson Mar 1 '17 at 22:34

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