My submenu disappeared all the sudden and doesn't show anymore when I hover over the menu item. I checked the menu section on my WP dashboard and it's there and assigned to show. The submenu still show on mobile device but on full browser the submenu items stopped showing up. I deactivated all the plugins to check if there is a conflict but the event doesn't appear to be plugin related.

Here's my website: http://www.apcm.ca , menu set up below:

enter image description here


Without knowing what happened before you lost your subnav, I'll walk you through troubleshooting.

First, look at your code.

I viewed your code with Developer Tools (in most browesers press F12) and found your submenu is there. Which means it is likely a missing javascript file or CSS issue.

Retrace your steps.

Is there a change to your theme?

I looked at your CSS from your theme ( http://www.apcm.ca/wp-content/themes/apcm/css/style.css?ver=4.6.1 ) and found the code to hide subnav and reveal when the parent li is hovered over.


I went back to Developer Tools and navigated down to a ul class="subnav"and unckecked the different values for subnav

then I saw your submenu popped up when top: 100% was unchecked.


That code is your culprit.

Recommendation: this is not a Wordpress issue, but a CSS issue. Post this on stackoverflow for a response.

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