I'm building a custom page for password recovery...

I get the action "login_form_lostpassword" to redirect the custom page.

function new_lost_password_form()

    if ( 'GET' == $_SERVER['REQUEST_METHOD'] ) {
        if (is_user_logged_in()) {

add_action('login_form_lostpassword', 'new_lost_password_form');

When i try recover a password everything works fine, But when an error occurs as the input blank the wordpress redirect to the default recovery page.

This happen why the wordpress reads the wp-login.php first...

As i will make to wordpress override the content of recovery page wich is in wp-login.php ?

The block must override is:

case 'lostpassword' :
case 'retrievepassword' :

    if ( $http_post ) {
        $errors = retrieve_password();
        if ( !is_wp_error($errors) ) {
            $redirect_to = !empty( $_REQUEST['redirect_to'] ) ? $_REQUEST['redirect_to'] : 'wp-login.php?checkemail=confirm';
            wp_safe_redirect( $redirect_to );

    if ( isset( $_GET['error'] ) ) {
        if ( 'invalidkey' == $_GET['error'] ) {
            $errors->add( 'invalidkey', __( 'Your password reset link appears to be invalid. Please request a new link below.' ) );
        } elseif ( 'expiredkey' == $_GET['error'] ) {
            $errors->add( 'expiredkey', __( 'Your password reset link has expired. Please request a new link below.' ) );

in the file wp-login.php


You just need to add your own action before any errors are returned, and if there is an error, redirect back to your page and display the error

add_action( 'lostpassword_post', 'smyles123_check_for_errors' );

function smyles123_check_for_errors( $errors ){

    if ( $errors->get_error_code() ){
        // You can probably just append the error to the URL you redirect back to, but you need to set $redirect_to value
        wp_safe_redirect( $redirect_to );


You could also just create your own function to handle the password reset and just copy the code from wp-login.php

There's plenty of tutorials online to do this: https://code.tutsplus.com/tutorials/build-a-custom-wordpress-user-flow-part-3-password-reset--cms-23811

You can also look through the code on this plugin I created a while back that handles almost everything in relation to wp-login.php ... should have plenty of code information on handling custom errors, redirects, even rewrites:


  • I'll read and study this material you sent, thanks very much! Thanks for answer! – Dayglor Nov 14 '16 at 1:05
  • You're welcome, please don't forget to accept it as the answer (if this was what you needed) – sMyles Nov 14 '16 at 1:26

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