i'm using wordpress 4.6 i'd like to remove just the title tag automatically outputted by wordpress because need to hardcode the html title tag in the template.

i guess is something like this:

add_action('wp_head', '//remove title tag command');

but i didn't find any valid solution so far.


You can see everything added to wp_head in the file /wp-includes/default-filters.php.

If your theme supports the title tag, you can remove it entirely with remove_action:

remove_action( 'wp_head', '_wp_render_title_tag', 1 );

Though it may be simpler/better to use remove_theme_support( 'title-tag' ) in a child theme, which is what _wp_render_title_tag checks before outputting the title tag.


Wordpress 5.7.1 with Yoast SEO installed Working code is:

add_filter('document_title_parts', '__return_empty_array', 10);

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