I'm looking for a way to show the latest post from my wordpress site on another site that isn't a wordpress site.

Also the display of the post I want to style to include the featured thumbnail, the category, and the title in the manner below.

enter image description here

I can do the css/html for it but the problem is I don't know where or how to start this process.

So far my search results tell me how to do it from one wordpress site to another, but I need to do it from one wordpress site to a none wordpress site.

Any idea as to how I can do this process?

  • have you looked at wordpress rss feed and api? – rudtek Nov 11 '16 at 23:36

TBH I think its a bit late to answer this question, But here it goes anyways.

All you need to do is format some JSON Data

Step 1:

Get the JSON


Change per_page=1 to the number of posts you'd like to query

If you want to filter the post according to tags or categories

You can find more Query tags on: http://v2.wp-api.org/reference/tags/

Step 2:

Format the JSON keep what you need forget the rest


Post Title & URL

enter image description here

Post Featured Image (It automatically gives you a link for thumbnails too)

enter image description here

Post Tags & Categories

enter image description here

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You have the wp-rest api to get posts from another site.

You may have a look to wp_get_remote_post() and wp_remote_retrieve_body() to get the remote post content in your own loop.

Note: wp rest api must be active in both server. I.e Wp rest api v2

Depending on which WordPress version your site is running, you'll maybe need to modify the response, to include the feature image link.

You can easily create a shortcode to display it where you want in your template.

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  • This answer expects both of the sites to be wordpress sites, which the question author told not to be the case. – JHoffmann Nov 13 '16 at 9:48

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