My visual editor isn't working on a site after just launching it to a new server. I assumed a permissions issue, but the file itself is set to 644. I tried 755 on it as well and still no go. The directories all the way up are 755.

I can access other files in the directory, but not this one file. Any ideas?

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wp-tinymce.php loads to the WordPress dashboard using Ajax on your end.

So the permission for that file should be 664. But the problem is your /wp-include folder may not allow remote PHP execution. This may be either in .htaccess via some security plugin you are using or somewhere in Nginx rules.

Further, I think you are using some plugin that calls wp-tinymce.php in a strange way.


This can also be caused by the .htaccess placed in the wp-includes folder by iThemes Security as a hardening measure. That file might be invisible to you depending on your FTP client's settings.

I've personally seen it happen with iThemes Security v6.2.1 on WP 4.8 on php 7.0

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