Is it possible to run a WordPress multisite using different domain urls? As opposed to just subdomains?

I basically have two (and soon to be three) personal sites and they all run the same theme and plugins, albeit under different domains / web addresses. The main reason I would like to do this is to make updating themes and plugins less time consuming, as opposed to doing it to save a few pounds a month on hosting costs.

Is it possible to have a multisite environment so I can update the themes and plugins in one go (I would test updates on a localhost site first that is running the theme / plugins set-up question etc).

Any help / ideas greatly appreciated.


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This page of the Codex refers suggests the plugin WPMU Domain Mapping.

Additionally, you can map domains like example1.com, example2.com, etc, however a plugin is suggested (like WPMU Domain Mapping). You can make the changes directly in the network settings, but it's considered advanced administration.


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