It seems that the add_rewrite_rule works only if the permalink is set to non empty value in wp-admin/setting page. Isn't it?

Then once I set that value to /item/%post_id%, I got the rewrite rules like this through debugging:https://i.sstatic.net/G05pK.jpg.

There are too many rules not necessary in my case, is it possible to remove that?

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You can modify the global WP_Rewrite variable directly.

add_action('init', function(){

    global $wp_rewrite;

    echo "<pre>";

There are sevel properties you can adjust:

  • $wp_rewrite->permalink_structure
  • $wp_rewrite->use_trailing_slashes
  • $wp_rewrite->author_base
  • $wp_rewrite->search_base
  • $wp_rewrite->comments_base
  • $wp_rewrite->pagination_base
  • $wp_rewrite->comments_pagination_base
  • $wp_rewrite->feed_base
  • $wp_rewrite->front
  • $wp_rewrite->root
  • $wp_rewrite->index
  • $wp_rewrite->matches
  • $wp_rewrite->rules
  • $wp_rewrite->extra_rules
  • $wp_rewrite->extra_rules_top
  • $wp_rewrite->non_wp_rules
  • $wp_rewrite->extra_permastructs
  • $wp_rewrite->endpoints
  • $wp_rewrite->use_verbose_rules
  • $wp_rewrite->use_verbose_page_rules
  • $wp_rewrite->rewritecode
  • $wp_rewrite->rewritereplace
  • $wp_rewrite->queryreplace
  • $wp_rewrite->feeds

And alternate removal functions:

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