i have these codes :

foreach ( $ids as $idss ) {
echo  get_post_meta($idss, 'IMDB', true);

i have search box with Form element that search and find all id ( $ids ) of searched word .

i want to print all $ids 's IMDB field ! i can do it on page.PHP of theme ! but i cant do it on header.PHP

i used global $post; and it didnot worked !

Updates ( answer ) : i add this line to my code :

require_once( dirname(__DIR__) . '/wp-load.php');

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Is your $ids array empty? Echo out each $idss to see if it contains a value.

foreach ( $ids as $idss ) {
  echo $idss . ' <-- ID<br>';
  echo  get_post_meta( $idss, 'IMDB', true );

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