I am using Woocommerce plugin for my e-commerce site. For mailing I've installed Postman SMTP.

I could not handle with Turkish characters on ongoing e-mails. Such characters "Şşğ..." on mail body I see "???" chars. I've tried to change charset of html mail to utf-8 by overriding email-header.php but no luck. I am also checking sent e-mail from my inbox. It's charset seems as utf-8.

Another point, Turkish characters are seemed supported on e-mail subject,

How could I get rid of this problem? Thanks


I found the solution on https://github.com/woocommerce/woocommerce/issues/9348

It was not about the Turkish characters, it is more generic Removing utf8_decode() function in function getUnifiedHtml() -line 530- resolved the problem.

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