I've decided, that some second level pages I have, should really be blog articles. I want to copy and paste the title and body to an article and then delete the page (is there a better way of doing this?).

Now I'm worrying about already existing links to the pages. I don't want them to break ...

can I somehow enter the old URL as an alias URL for the article? Or maybe forward from http://mypage.com/level-one/level-two-page/ to http://mypage.com/2010/07/30/level-two-page-as-article/ without showing the olt level-two-page in the navigation?

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Use the Vice Versa plugin to change the post type. Redirect the URL per .htaccess:

Redirect permanent /old-url /new-url

You can edit in your database "wp_posts" table the row "post_type", simply change "page" to "post". Then set 301 redirect in your .htaccss file. The ID of this page/post remains the same.

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