How can I remove the h2 tag used in the screen reader text? I use the following $args, but h2 is still in it:

the_comments_pagination( array(
    'add_fragment' => '',
    'screen_reader_text' => __( '<h3>Test</h3>' )
) );
  • Can you add some context or explanation for why you need to do this? The screen_reader_text parameter is only for the text inside, not the full HTML markup – Tom J Nowell Oct 31 '16 at 14:54

There's a couple issues.

1) You're not supposed to put HTML inside most translations strings ( such as this ).

2) The screen_reader_text argument does not accept HTML at all, you need to filter the HTML by using the following hook:

navigation_markup_template - Filters the navigation markup template.

 * Modify the given HTML
 * @param String $template  - Comment Pagination Template HTML
 * @param String $class     - Passed HTML Class Attribute
 * @return String $template - Return Modified HTML
function change_reader_heading( $template, $class ) {

    if( ! empty( $class ) && false !== strpos( $class, 'comments-pagination' ) ) {
        $template = str_replace( '<h2', '<h3', $template );

    return $template;
add_filter( 'navigation_markup_template', 'change_reader_heading', 10, 2 );

The above searches the $template HTML string and replaces all h2 tags with h3 tags.

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