I'm trying to get the value of an Advanced Custom Fields select list in an external jQuery document, in order to apply some conditions to it.

I looked for an answer and found only solution involving the use of tags inside the page, which I want to avoid.


Your question is not entirely clear, but it looks like you are in need of wp_localize_script, which allows you to pass variables from PHP to a script. You would use it like this (example with two fields):

add_action ('wp_enqueue_scripts','wpse244551_add_field');
function wpse244551_add_field () {
  $my_field = array ();
  $my_field[] = array (field1 => get_field ('field1'));
  $my_field[] = array (field2 => get_field ('field2'));
  wp_localize_script ('my-script', 'MyFields', $my_field);

Now, in the script you have registered with the handle my-script you can access the variable with MyFields.field1 and MyFields.field2.

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