Hi have a setting screen where I allow users to create HTML emails with the convenience of the editor they are already used to from posts and pages using wp_editor();

Everything seems to work fine except when I try to save with texts which are in quotes when the value returns it has the escaping, I know that's because wp_kses_post(); sanitizes the data but what if user wants to create an HTML email with quotes in it?

I know I could do a str_replace, but is there another way? Should I even be using wp_kses_post(); if I plan to allow quotes?

wp_editor code:

wp_nonce_field('tld_wcdpue_settings_nonce_action', 'tld_wcdpue_settings_nonce_field');

$tld_wcdpue_settings_email_content = get_option('tld_wcdpue_settings_email_content');

wp_editor( $tld_wcdpue_settings_email_content, 'tld_wcdpue_settings_wpeditor', array( 'wpautop' => false ) );

wp_editor saving code:

if( isset(//does authentication here) ){

update_option( 'tld_wcdpue_settings_email_content', wp_kses_post( $_POST['tld_wcdpue_settings_wpeditor'] ) );


When this gets saved to the DB it gets escaped so the return is:

enter image description here

I know I could simply do a str_replace but wouldn't that be defeating the purpose of wp_kses_post? Should I even be using it in this case? I also realize I am not escaping when pulling the data from the db, not sure how I should since I want HTML to render in the editor

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Wordpress always escapes quotes encountered in the super globals variables. It is done in https://developer.wordpress.org/reference/functions/wp_magic_quotes/

You will most likely want to strip it with stripslashes before saving it into the DB. something like

update_option( 'tld_wcdpue_settings_email_content', wp_kses_post( stripslashes($_POST['tld_wcdpue_settings_wpeditor'] ) ));


I don't believe you need to use wp_kses_post().

update_option() runs sanitize_option() which should take care of everything for you.

Test it and let me know what happens.

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    It turns out I would need wp_kses_post, because if I didn't then users would be able to add JS to the db when only HTML should be allowed. Commented Oct 29, 2016 at 20:27

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