first of all I'm really sorry if the title of the question doesn't explain everything. Anyways here's what I was looking for.

I'm creating a WordPress plugin with OOP concept. So, I've codes like this

class somePlugin {
 //constructor goes here
 public function is_it_safe() {
  if( true ) {
   return true;
  } else {
   return false;

Please Note: the above code is just an example. So, it may not make any sense.

So, now what I want is to make sure the is_it_safe() function can easily be called within other themes or plugins without even knowing the class or creating an object of the class. Is it possible?

I want the is_it_safe() function to be used by others easily without even doing somePlugin::is_it_safe().

I'm not sure if it is possible or not. But if it is possible, if anyone can help, it would be heally helpful.

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    I didn't test it but try doing a trick. Create a file e.x. my-function.php and create a function e.x. myplugin_is_it_safe() which calls somePlugin::is_it_safe(). Then include that file to your main plugin file. Now when you activate your plugin, myplugin_is_it_safe() function should be available so as is_it_safe() method. I hope you know what I mean. And again, I didn't test it so I don't know if it does work Oct 28, 2016 at 19:46
  • @SebastianKaczmarek Amazing I was also thinking trying the same thing.
    – iSaumya
    Oct 28, 2016 at 20:16

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No. You always have to refer to the instance of the class.


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