I'm new to Wordpress and need to set up a local testing environment where I can make changes to a CLONE of the live site. It is using version 3.4.2., hosted on Dreamhost, and contains several outdated plugins.

-I used Dreamhost's 'Backup Your Account' tool and downloaded 4 files that include the current contents of all FTP users, mailboxes, and MySQL databases. -I installed Wordpress with MAMP and created a folder 'testsite'. -I copied all 4 files into the folder, as well as the WP installation folder. -I set MAMP's document root to : MAMP > htdocs > testsite -I set up a new database and now have a new WP site running locally (version 4.6.1.)

MAMP's root connection to the testsite folder I created is the only connection I know exists between the backups and my new site. And while the local installation was successful, I am unsure how to transfer those copied files to the new site, as a duplicate.

Other approaches tried:

Plugin 1. I found this tutorial to use the Duplicator plugin with WP, https://www.w3newbie.com/how-to-use-the-duplicator-wordpress-plugin-with-mamp/ , but the original site's version is incompatible with plugin. Of course this may be fixed with a site upgrade, but then I risk breaking the live site. Is there a way I can use Duplicator on my new site instead?

Plugin 2. I installed & activated WP Clone on both sites. I saved a backup on the original site with this plugin, copied the URL I was given, and pasted it into the New site to 'Restore from URL'. When I hit the restore button, it never loads all the way - I refresh and it does not work.

Using the clone I was able to download a zip file of the content, which I imported on the new site using WordPress importer. The categories, posts and pages are there, but the theme, media and other content is missing.

Any suggestions would be extremely helpful.

  • Exactly what are the files you were sent? And where have you placed them within your testsite WP installation?
    – vancoder
    Oct 27 '16 at 22:09
  • You will only need two things from your live site. The database, there should only be one, this contains all your content and settings. And the wp-content folder, this contains all your images, plugins and themes.
    – ngearing
    Oct 27 '16 at 22:27
  • I updated the post with more info. ^^ Also, I tried deleting everything but the WP installation folder, mySQL file database file and wp content, but it stopped my local server from running.
    – Monica
    Oct 28 '16 at 18:57

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