According to Codex they are not recommended uss WP List Table. So what is the best alternative to WP List Table?


I've not found any best alternative to this class. The WP_List_table is best to use. But the way to use it, is the concern. If you read the Codex cafefully you'll see a warning that-

This class's access is marked as private. That means it is not intended for use by plugin and theme developers as it is subject to change without warning in any future WordPress release. If you would still like to make use of the class, you should make a copy to use and distribute with your own project, or else use it at your own risk.

So from here we see the best practice to use the class. Copy it, rename it with your prefix and use it in your solution. By using this way you'll be safe if the WordPress admin changes anything or make the class deprecated it isn't gonna hurt your code or system or solution.

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