I'm creating a wordpress theme for a client to use in his existent wordpress site. Anyways, I've completed the theme except one specific thing. I see that he has lots of pages with the keyword Module in the title. Example of the title would be "How to create this product: Module 1." In his previous theme, they had a wordpress page template - page-module.php use specifically for these pages. However, I created a wp page template in my theme with the same name but when I go to any of these pages, it is displaying the default page.php template instead of the page-module.php template. When I switch back to his theme, it work fine with his page-module.php template but when I switch by to my theme, it doesn't work. Can someone please help me understand why it's not working with my theme?

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    Are you asking how selectable page templates work? – Tom J Nowell Oct 24 '16 at 23:45

You can adjust the template to use in the fly based on the type of page you're viewing. https://codex.wordpress.org/Plugin_API/Filter_Reference/template_include

add_filter( 'template_include', 'portfolio_page_template', 99 );

function portfolio_page_template( $template ) {

    if ( is_page( 'portfolio' )  ) {
        $new_template = locate_template( array( 'portfolio-page-template.php' ) );
        if ( '' != $new_template ) {
            return $new_template ;

    return $template;

You could use that in conjunction with https://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/get_queried_object to check out information about the page requested, like the title.

This assumes you didn't just set your page template on the page itself.

setting Page Template

  • Hi @jgraup, thanks for the reply. All the page templates are set to default. I added the code you give me to the function file of my theme but it is still not working. I don't know why. – Prince J Oct 26 '16 at 20:59
  • The code is an example, which checks for a specific page, you'd need to supply your own custom condition . At the very least just remove everything except for your custom template path to make sure that works. Then come up with a way to only function on the required pages. – jgraup Oct 26 '16 at 21:02
  • My page template is page-module.php, so this is how I did it. code add_filter( 'template_include', 'module_page_template', 99 ); function module_page_template ( $template ) { if ( is_page( 'module' ) ) { $new_template = locate_template( array( 'page-module.php' ) ); if ( '' != $new_template ) { return $new_template ; } } return $template; } – Prince J Oct 26 '16 at 21:21

It sounds like they were using custom page templates. You'll want to read about Page Templates on the codex.

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