Is there an exact opposite funciton to this one:


I know there's:


But it doesn't seem to accept any arguments.

So, basically, I'm looking for something like:

$title = 'Something';

I already know this solution:

 global $wpdb;
 $post_name = get_query_var('name');
 $post_id = $wpdb->get_var("SELECT ID FROM $wpdb->posts WHERE post_name = $post_name");

But maybe there's something bulit-in that I'm missing?

  • How are you getting the title? – Evan Yeung Jul 28 '11 at 22:40
  • [shortcode title="User inserts title here"] – Wordpressor Jul 28 '11 at 22:48

I'm not sure how to get it via the title, but you can get it via the slug (which is often more useful in my experience) using this:


Just change "$page" to "$post" if you want to return slugs for posts instead of pages.


  • Note: this will not work for sub-pages (pages that are children of other pages). – montrealist Apr 8 '13 at 15:49

get_page_by_title( $title, [$output = 'object'], [$post_type = 'page'] ) exists for this very purpose. I'm using it in one of my projects now to display all attachments for a particular page in my sidebar:

if ( $oPage = get_page_by_title('Proudly Supporting...') ) {

  $children = get_posts(array(
    'post_type'      => 'attachment',
    'post_mime_type' => 'image',
    'numberposts'    => 3,
    'post_status'    => null,
    'post_parent'    => $oPage->ID, /* Using the Page ID */
    'orderby'        => 'rand',

  if ( $children ) {
    /* Do something with the children */


I had the same problem. I used the next code:

$my_title = 'My title';
global $wpdb;
$mypost = $wpdb->get_row( "SELECT * FROM wp_posts WHERE post_title = '" . $my_title . "' " );
echo $mypost->ID;

There are a built in function to do it. Use: get_page_by_title();

See the referrence here http://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/get_page_by_title

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