I have a function which processes custom metabox data on saving my custom post type:

function myown_save_customtype_fn($ID) { ... }

However, the function also runs when I trash items within this CPT (I guess it's effectively saving the post to change post_status to trash). Without the metabox being present, my function ends up clearing things like post_name (not great if I need to restore from trash!).

I have two thoughts but can't quite get across the finishing line with them:

1) In order to update post data I use remove_action() and add_action() again around wp_update_post(array('post_key'=>$sanitized_form_input)) - as per the codex instructions, this is required to avoid an infinite loop. Could there be a similar way of excluding from a trash_post action (I already tried remove_action('trash_post','myown_save_customtype_fn' immediately after the original add_action line).

2) Is there something I can use in a conditional within myown_save_customtype_fn (along the lines of if (current action!='trash_post') { ...)


save_post gets fired, once the post is saved. We get the current post object as the second parameter. So we can check, if the current post status is trash:

add_action( 'save_post', function( $post_ID, $post, $update ) {
    if ( 'trash' === $post->post_status ) {

    /** do your stuff **/
}, 10, 3 );
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