Regarding internationalization which of the two would be the proper correct way to process the translation.

echo '<p>' . esc_html__( 'Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing', 'textdomain' ) . '</p>';


printf( '<p>%1$s</p>', esc_html__( 'Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing', 'textdomain' ) );

And if i need to add wrap the following within p tags i would just need to add the p tags as allowed HTML tags. As shown below

printf( wp_kses( __( '<p>Ready to publish your first post? <a href="%1$s">Get started here</a>.</p>', 'maker_' ), array( 'a' => array( 'href' => array() ), 'p' => array() ) ), esc_url( admin_url( 'post-new.php' ) ) );

The two are exactly the same but I would go for the first one:

  • Easier to read
  • No interpolation, keep interpolation for variables

And, including the tags inside the format is making things more complicated, I can think of designers being tempted to use more tags if they see you are using them.

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