Is there a way to get current row's ID/number while exporting orders with WP All Export plugin (http://www.wpallimport.com/export/)?

First row would contains the columns' name, but we need that the first column contains a growing number, so second row (which contains first order details) first column value should be 1; third row (which contains second order details) first column value should be 2; etc...

Situation is complicated because orders export limit is 50 (In each iteration, process 50 records), so if you have 60 orders 51. order's first column should be 51, not 1.

I have tried with $i variable and $_SESSION[] variable too, but this are not the best solutions.

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We've got a solution from plugin's developers:

  1. Add this code to theme's functions.php file

// run a function before export starts, it deletes counter value from DB add_action('pmxe_before_export', 'wp_all_export_pmxe_before_export', 10, 1); function wp_all_export_pmxe_before_export($export_id) { delete_option('wp_all_export_current_row'); }

  1. Add this to All Export plugin's Edit Export screen under " Export the value returned by a PHP function" section

// update counter value while exporting function get_row_number() { $current = get_option('wp_all_export_current_row', 1); update_option('wp_all_export_current_row', $current + 1); return $current; }

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