I have a multi-site network, and want to secure the /wp-admin/ms-delete-site.php so that it does not execute. We want to manage site deletions from the command line only.

I have added a call to wp_die() at the top for now, but I would prefer to handle this in a plugin, and not make any changes to the WP core files.

What is the best way to implement this in a plugin?

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Another alternative is to look at the hook map_meta_cap and remove the user's capability to delete_site. If you have a restricted set of users or context when you want to allow delete_site then you can allow the capability.


You're right, editing core is a no-no.

Instead, you can do this.

add_action( 'current_screen', 'wpse242553_no_delete_site_screen' );
function wpse242553_no_delete_site_screen() {
    // Check to see if we're using the CLI client. If so, bail out.
    if ( 'cli' == php_sapi_name() ) {
        // I'm not sure this is strictly necessary.
    if ( 'ms-delete-site' == get_current_screen()->base ) {
        // You can add whatever message you like here,
        // or even use wp_safe_redirect() to go elsewhere.
        wp_die( 'Sorry, we only delete sites from the command line.' );


Put it in a Must Use plugin to have it applied on every site in your network.


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