While reading the following WordPress Codex page on Global variable usage, there is a bold line that states


Accessing other globals besides the ones listed below is not recommended.

** My question is in concern to using the global variable $current_user. Is it not recommended to use something like this in my functions.php file?

if ($current_user->display_name){
  echo '<p>welcome ' . $current_user->display_name . '</p>';

...or are there other alternative methods I should start building habits on without depending on WordPress global variables not mentioned on that Codex page?

I know what I am asking for probably doesn't have a black and white answer, but I would like to get the opinion from some of you guys how have been coding in wordpress for a while.


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You can use wp_get_current_user() instead of using the $current_user global.

$my_current_user = wp_get_current_user();
if ( $my_current_user->display_name ) {
    echo '<p>Welcome ' . $my_current_user->display_name . '</p>';

Note that I used $my_current_user instead of $current_user as a variable name, because you can run into trouble if you use the global variable's name.

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