In what order are these functions supposed to be called?

 register_taxonomy( $catname, $cpt  );
 register_taxonomy_for_object_type(  $catname, $cpt);                                                 
 register_post_type( $cpt, $args );//without the taxonomies argument

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Order really shouldn't really matter but it's good practice to register things in a hierarchical structure.

register_post_type( $cpt, $args );
register_taxonomy( $catname, $cpt );
  • I think in most scenarios, you dont need "register_taxonomy_for_object_type()" ? Oct 13, 2016 at 15:44
  • 1
    Correct. register_taxonomy_for_object_type() is useful when you want to add an already registered taxonomy to a custom object type. For example, add the default post category taxonomy to your custom post type: register_taxonomy_for_object_type( 'category', $cpt );.
    – cowgill
    Oct 14, 2016 at 0:25

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