The idea here is to be able to use the Link button to search through posts as usual, but, once selected, use the shortlink (with something like wp_get_shortlink();) instead of the permalink:

<a href="http://example.com/?p=1234">The Link</a>

Not sure if it would be easier to add this function to the existing button or add a new button with this dedicated behavior.

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If you mean the link dialog, then we can modify the permalinks with the wp_link_query filter:

add_filter( 'wp_link_query', function( $results )
    foreach( $results as &$result )
        $result['permalink'] = wp_get_shortlink( $result['ID'] );

    return $results;
} );

where we use wp_get_shortlink() to get the short links.


You'd go with new button, which will place i.e. [post_shrtl] anywhere in content area (or you can add that phrase manually without button). And then just add this code in funcitons.php:

add_shortcode('post_shrtl', function($atts){
    return $GLOBALS['post']->guid;

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