I am newbie in wordpress. I can't fixed it and I really wonder that. I get the content with "the_content()" function. But if I add the picture, just write the attr (alt) of image or when I use link, I can't click because All tags showing up in Paragraph tags (< p>). What am I missing?

Thanks for helping

enter image description here

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If this has not become link then you have two ways to make it link as follow

  1. simply make it link by using insert/edt link option from wordpress edit page's Visula tab. Select text (http://ardazaman.com) and then click on insert/edt link option and insert link.

  2. By using Text tab of wordpress (in which we use to write code), You can make link by putting your url in anchor tag like this.

    Link: <a href="http://ardazaman.com">http://ardazaman.com</a>

Same procedure for image.

  • @Arda Zaman You should give some reply on my answer!
    – Rishabh
    Oct 26, 2016 at 7:08

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