The following very simple snippet of code is not working right: the tags are being displayed in the page, but outside of the span with class "tags".

echo '<span class="tags">' . the_tags('See also: ', ' &middot; ') . '</span>'; 

Here's the output:

See also: 
<a href="#" rel="tag">animals</a> · 
<a href="#" rel="tag">communities</a> · 
<a href="#" rel="tag">cultural differences</a> · 
<a href="#" rel="tag">projects</a>
<span class="tags"></span>

the_tags() doesn't return the links but immediately echoes them. As that happens before the echo they appear before the span.

What you want is this:

echo '<span class="tags">';
the_tags('See also: ', ' &middot; ');
echo '</span>';

or even simpler

the_tags( '<span class="tags"> See also: ',' &middot; ', '</span>' );

As a general rule of thumb you can remember that function that start with the_ directly echo things, while functions starting with get_ return stuff.

So here you could also be using this:

echo '<span class="tags">' . get_the_tag_list('See also: ', ' &middot; ') . '</span>';
  • Fantastic, @kraftner! Thank you for the detailed answer.
    – Bankitalia
    Sep 30 '16 at 14:47

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