I'm using the Slick slider in my theme https://kenwheeler.github.io/slick/ and Material design lite https://getmdl.io/

Problem I am having is that the transforms used here are conflicting with the Wordpress admin bar and causing it to disappear. If I comment these out it works better, but still disappears if the slide is in transition to the next slide.

.slick-slider .slick-list, .slick-slider .slick-track {
-webkit-transform: translate3d(0,0,0);
-ms-transform: translate3d(0,0,0);
-o-transform: translate3d(0,0,0);
 transform: translate3d(0,0,0); 


I've tried setting useTransform to false on slick but that didn't help.

  • Try adjusting the admin bar z-index so it and the drop downs are in front of the slider. Sep 29, 2016 at 20:07
  • Cool. If you move the solution into an answer that'll keep the site format tidy. In a couple of days you can accept your own answer too. Sep 29, 2016 at 20:18

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Adding a css rule for #wpadminbar:

transform: translate3d(0,0,0);
background: black;
width: 100%;

Makes the bar appear and

I added z-index: 0; to .mdl-layout__header to make the dropdowns appear.

Not the prettiest.


insert this into your style.css:

body #wpadminbar{z-index:99;}

and maybe this solves.

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