I am trying to create a website that would contain 2-3 subdomains. The reason I want it to include subdomains is because the website is split up into several distinct parts, and each part requires its own theme and plugins.

Is there some way I can have users register for one site, and either 1) be automatically registered for the other subdomains or, preferably, 2) link their accounts to share names/info when they create an account on another subdomain?

The ideal would be to have something that operates exactly like SE, just on Wordpress. When you create an account on a new SE site, it automatically syncs up your account with your existing one. That's what I want.

How can I achieve this result?

A plugin would be extremely desirable, but is not necessary.

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The fact that you haven't mentioned MultiSite in your post makes me think that doing some research there would be a good next step for you:


User Accounts are shared across sites in the network, and sites can be different subdomains.


Keep in mind that in WordPress multisite, the user accounts can read/view all sites by default. The admins of each individual subdomain site would be responsible for promoting users' roles in each site.

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