I am using CPT UI. I have created a post type 'books' and custom taxonomy 'book_categories'. I am also using Custom Post Type Permalinks plugin for custom url.

  • When I click books, url is http://novice.dev/books and I can list categories
  • When I click category, url is http://novice.dev/books/book_categories/my_story_books
  • While I click on a post, it is http://novice.dev/books/thirty-days-and-night

I have set the url structure like this using Custom Post Type Permalinks plugin.


I tried searching on the net but could not get anything so that I can force keep the bond/find the relation between CPT and Custom Taxonomy. I want to achieve the following-

  1. When I am at archive.php, I can query the custom taxonomy of that post type and hence list all the posts and url as /%CPT%/
  2. When I am in taxonomy.php, I can get the custom post type slug/name/id and list all the posts related to that category and url as /%CPT%/%CUSTOM_CATEGORY%/
  3. When I am in single.php, there should be CPT and category there and url as /%CPT%/%CUSTOM_CATEGORY%/%POST%/

Individual experiments are successful but I am getting no way or complete reference to maintain the relation between these three. I do not know where I am doing wrong.

Or should I move to core programming?


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Collaborative efforts-

  • For http://novice.dev/books just create custom post type and check rewrite options so that it adds end points.
  • For http://novice.dev/books/book_categories/my_story_books, create custom taxonomy related with the post type and check the options for rewrite options.
  • http://novice.dev/books/thirty-days-and-night will be automatically when above two are done.

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