Relatively new to anything that doesn't require common sense in WordPress. My previous site was built poorly etc, so cutting a long story short I installed a new theme and started building up pages again etc.

I have ran various diagnostics on seo etc while I am working and seem to have problems with indexability and sitemaps.

Getting this message on the onpage.org site check and had something similar on another platform wherby it is saying there are resources that are restricted from indexing.

Please help asap as i have good rankings and don't want this to affect the next crawl.

  • sitemaps are convenience, not a necessity. By default wordpress do not generate such because it is pointless on any good structure theme, with a good navigetability in the content/menus. If you feel like you have to have a sitemap, you should use one of the sitemaps plugins – Mark Kaplun Sep 25 '16 at 17:16

Well, that message is pretty self explanatory. There is no sitemap linked in your robots.txt file. So you check if you have a sitemap (if not install a plugin that will generate one for you) and add this line to your robots.txt file in the root of your site:

Sitemap: http://www.example.com/sitemap.xml

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