I am trying to change the header template using the get_header action but it wont change anyway I try to do it.

Here is what I tried by adding this in functions.php:

function prefix_new_header() {
    return 'newtmpl';
add_action( 'get_header', 'prefix_new_header' );

I have in the theme folder a file called header-newtmpl.php

I’ve tried different priorities (1, 10, 99), but it doesn’t work.

Is there something I am missing? Thanks for any help!

You can try this in twentysixteen, if you want to test it.


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You can use a conditional logic. E.G.

if ( is_home() ) :
    get_header( 'home' );
elseif ( is_404() ) :
    get_header( '404' );
else :

The file names for the home and 404 headers should be header-home.php and header-404.php respectively.

So in your page-template just add

        get_header( 'newtmpl' );

dunno why you should use a function for that.

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