so i was reading this on php.net and read this

Never connect to the database as a superuser or as the database owner. Use always customized users with very limited privileges.

Before getting my own webserver I was using a friend's who had to set up db users for me so to make thing easier I just used the all access database owner user he gave me. the quote above was something i did when i worked on my hand built website on my local server but I plain forgot about this when I deployed my wordpress site.

Now I've already set up my WordPress website and everything is working fine. I would like to know what the minimum permissions I require for the Database User to still run WordPress after it's been installed. Particularly if there are permission differences between just making posts/uploading images, running updates of themes/plugins/wordpress core and installing new themes/plugins.

I will of cause be doing this on my local install first before doing it live so theres no need to bring up anything about extra permissions individual themes/plugins may need (i'll pick these up when they start to error for me)


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According to codex,

For normal WordPress operations, such as posting blog posts, uploading media files, posting comments, creating new WordPress users and installing WordPress plugins, the MySQL database user only needs data read and data write privileges to the MySQL database; SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE.

Note: Some plugins, themes and major WordPress updates might require to make database structural changes, such as add new tables or change the schema. In such case, before installing the plugin or updating a software, you will need to temporarily allow the database user the required privileges.

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