I have custom post types that I would like to make editable by several users. I created one custom post type using the Toolset plugin. wp_update_post only allows us to set single author:

$user_id = array();
$userIds = get_field("agency_to_author",$_POST['post_ID']); // Get Multiple User assing using acf field.
foreach ($userIds as $key => $value) {
     $user_id[] = $value['ID'];
     $arg = array(
         'ID' => $_POST['post_ID'],
         'post_author' => $user_id,
     wp_update_post( $arg );    

Easy way: use this plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/user-role-editor/

More complicated way: You can use functions.php to add all of the custom capabilities to a specific roles. But ofc you need a name of these capabilities.

This code is usefull if you want to add X same capabilities to X roles.

Add to functions.php

   function wphm_add_custom_capabilities_to_roles($roles, $capabilities) {
     foreach($roles as $the_role) {
       $role = get_role($the_role);
       foreach($capabilities as $capability) {
         $role -> add_cap($capability);

    array(  // these roles will recieve capabilities
    array( // capabilities

To remove a capability with this loop just modify a line $role -> add_cap($capability); to $role -> remove_cap($capability)

  • I want to assign multiple author on single custom post type is it possible with wp_update_post function or any other way? Oct 12 '16 at 7:43

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