I have one website on which I want to use multiple domain names.

The URL pattern on the existing looks like this:

 Main domain: - shop.com
              - shop.com/products
              - shop.com/about-us

              - shop.com/pools/
              - shop.com/pools/products
              - shop.com/pools/about-us

              - shop.com/spas/
              - shop.com/spas/products
              - shop.com/spas/about-us

I'd like to use multiple domain so I could use:

 Main domain: - shop.com
              - shop.com/products
              - shop.com/about-us

Other domain: - pools.com (showing shop.com/pools)
              - pools.com/products (showing shop.com/pools/products)
              - pools.com/about-us (showing shop.com/pools/about-us)

Other domain: - spas.com (showing shop.com/spas)
              - spas.com/products (showing shop.com/spas/products)
              - spas.com/about-us (showing shop.com/spas/about-us)

I don't want to use Multisite/Network provided by WordPress.

Obselete plugin that was apparently doing what I want:

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Thank you very much for you help!

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