I'd like to use the media uploader within my own plugin and I was wondering if this was possible?

Essentially I'd like the same functionality as found in media-new.php so I can have the same interface to add new files within my plugin as WordPress does.

Apologies for the lack of detail but I'm not sure how else to ask this question.

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You can use wp_enqueue_media() in your admin_enqueue_scripts hook.

In a javascript file hook it into a button and use insert event to capture the selected image's details

$('.media-button').click(function() {
    var media_uploader = wp.media({
            frame: "post",
            text : "Add image",
            state: "insert",
            multiple: false

    media_uploader.on("insert", function(){
            var json = media_uploader.state().get("selection").first().toJSON();
            var image_name = json.filename;
            var image_url = json.url;
            var image_caption = json.caption;
            var image_title = json.title;

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