I have some image file in my plugin directory. I want to display those file by using my theme function. I am trying many way but something was wrong. Theme and plugin both dir is loaded at same time.

Can you help me?

    $link = plugins_url( 'img/btn-arrow-left.png',__FILE__ );
    //$link = plugin_dir_url( 'img/btn-arrow-left.png',__FILE__ );
    $aro_left = '<img src="'.$link.'img/btn-arrow-left.png"/>';

Output :

string 'http://localhost/project/wp-content/plugins/C:/wamp/www/project/wp-content/themes/Buddhist/img/btn-arrow-left.png' (length=113)

You are almost there. Try plugins_url('plugin_dir_name/img/name of.png').

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  • I'll get no points but he was helped I assure you all! – Nathan Powell Sep 11 '16 at 8:45

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