I'm working on my first WP plugin, and I'm having trouble getting a file include to work. My directory structure looks like this:

  • myPlugin
    • classes
    • templates
    • css
    • js
  • myplugin.php

My main plugin file (myplugin.php) includes / requires various files in the classes directory, and that works fine. However, one of the files in the classes directory is supposed to include a file from the templates directory. I've tried everything I can think of, from plugins_url() to plugin_basename() to plugin_dir_path() but nothing seems to work.

How should this statement look to get it to do what I'm trying to accomplish?

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Put this in the main plugin file (myplugin.php):

defined( 'MY_PLUGIN_URL' ) || define( 'MY_PLUGIN_URL', plugin_dir_url(__FILE__) );
defined( 'MY_PLUGIN_PATH' ) || define( 'MY_PLUGIN_PATH', plugin_dir_path(__FILE__) );

right before any other code, and use MY_PLUGIN_PATH to include files, or MY_PLUGIN_URL to load your assets.


  • require_once MY_PLUGIN_PATH . 'templates/se.php';
  • wp_enqueue_style( 'my-css', MY_PLUGIN_URL . 'assets/css/style.css' );

Those constants can be accessible from any other file including the main plugin loader file and the files within the sub-directories. As long as the plugin is loaded correctly.

Hope that helps.

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    Thanks, Samuel - exactly what I was trying to think of. Worked like a charm!
    – Paul Srch
    Commented Sep 5, 2016 at 19:28

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