Have placed <?php echo do_shortcode('[wcm_restrict plans="silver"]' .$the_content. '[/wcm_restrict]'); ?> into a template, but the content isn't appearing.

Have tested <?php echo do_shortcode('[wcm_restrict plans="silver"]Big Blue[/wcm_restrict]'); ?> so know the tags are working fine. Also tried get_the_content

Content appears also when just using <?php the_content(); ?>

What am I doing wrong?

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It doesn't appear that the variable $the_content exists. I'm guessing what you want is the function the_content(), but since that actually echoes its output, that won't work either. You need to use the function get_the_content() which will return the output (as opposed to echoing it).

Try this:

echo do_shortcode('[wcm_restrict plans="silver"]' . get_the_content() . '[/wcm_restrict]');

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