Sometimes I want to change a post a little bit, but the post was already published on my blog. The change concerns adding/removing tags or rewriting the title of the post (just to correct a misspelled word). All the things can be done using the admin panel by pressing "quick edit".

Unfortunately, the action updates the "modified time". I'm using the "modified time" so people would know whether a post was modified or not. But I want to disable the modified time updates in the case when I just make some small changes like to ones described above. Is there a way to do it?

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  • Are you using revisions? – birgire Oct 23 '16 at 15:10

It sounds like you're only displaying this information on the single post view and not making any searches for it.

So another approach could be to save the last modified date-time for the content changes in a hidden post meta field, e.g. _wpse_content_modified.

Look e.g. into the post_updated hook where you've access to both the previous post object and the modified post object.

That way you don't have to make irreversible data modifications, for a core functionality, that you might later want to use unchanged.

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